Teaching resources

The following pages contain references and links towards resources which could be used in complement to The International Law on Climate Change. This includes recommended readings, supplementary resources as well as selected news reports. Update notes and Powerpoint presentations will be added at a later stage. You are welcome to suggest additional resources by leaving a comment (but note that the comment will only be displayed a few days later, after moderation).

General resources

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The rationale for international action on climate change

Chapter 3: The UNFCCC Regime, From Rio to Paris

Chapter 4: Relevant developments in other regimes

Chapter 5: Relevant norms of general international law

Chapter 6: Differentiation

Chapter 7: International action on climate change mitigation

Chapter 8: Flexibility mechanisms

Chapter 9: Geoengineering

Chapter 10: International action on climate change adaptation

Chapter 11: Loss and Damage

Chapter 12: International support on climate change adaptation

Chapter 13: Ambition and Compliance

Chapter 14: Adjudication

Chapter 15: Non-State Actors

Chapter 16: International law in times of climate change