Chapter 11: Loss and Damage

Recommended materials

Saleemul Huq, Erin Roberts & Adrian Fenton, “Loss and damage” (2013) 3:11 Nature Climate Change 947

Ivo Wallimann-Helmer, “Justice for climate loss and damage” (2015) 133:3 Climatic Change 469

Mike Hulme, “Attributing Weather Extremes to ‘Climate Change’: A Review” (2014) 38:4 Progress in Physical Geography 499

Supplementary materials

Emma Lees, “Responsibility and liability for climate loss and damage after Paris” (2017) 17:1 Climate Policy 59

Benoit Mayer, “Whose ‘Loss and Damage’? Promoting the Agency of Beneficiary States” (2014) 4:3-4 Climate Law 267

Latest materials

A Jezeque et al., “Behind the vil of extreme event attribution”

"Since Allen (Nature 421(6926):891–892, 2003)’s seminal article, the community of extreme event attribution (EEA) has grown to maturity. Several approaches have been developed: the main ones are the “risk-based approach” — estimating how the probability of event occurrence correlates with climate change — and the “storyline approach” — evaluating the influence of climate change on …

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In the news

Africa’s Oldest Baobab Trees Are Likely Victims Of Climate Change

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The Dangers of Dzud, Mongolia’s Lethal Winters

"Nomadic herders of the Mongolian steppe are at the mercy of these dramatic winters, and scientists are struggling to understand the lethal phenomenon."

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Ore Koren: Why blaming conflicts in Africa on climate change is misguided

"The role of water crises in conflicts in places like Syria, Nigeria and Iran often feature in media and policy outlets. Many believe that climate change could spark future conflicts. But research shows that most conflicts are driven by factors other than the effects of climate change."

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