Chapter 13: Ambition and Compliance

Recommended materials

UNFCCC Secretariat, Aggregate effect of the intended nationally determined contributions: an update, doc. FCCC/CP/2016/2 (2 May 2016)

Alexander Zahar, “A Bottom-Up Compliance Mechanism for the Paris Agreement” (2017) 1:1 Chinese Journal of Environmental Law 69

Benoit Mayer, “Construing International Climate Change Law as a Compliance Regime” (2017) 7:1 Transnational Environmental Law 115

Supplementary materials

Adrian E. Raftery et al., “Less than 2 °C warming by 2100 unlikely” (2017) 7 Nature Climate Change 367

Alexander Zahar, International Climate Change Law and State Compliance (Routledge, 2015)

Latest materials

Achieving the Ambition of Paris: Designing the Global Stocktake

"This working paper explores the global stocktake created by the Paris Agreement and the design of the modalities, procedures, and guidelines that will govern the implementation of the global stocktake."

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The Mechanism to Facilitate Implementation and Promote Compliance with the Paris Agreement: Design Options

"This working paper examines the mechanism to facilitate implementation and promote compliance under Article 15 of the Paris Agreement and presents options for developing the key elements of the relevant modalities and procedures."

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In the news

Aligning fossil fuel production with the Paris Agreement

Insights for the UNFCCC Talanoa Dialogue, by the Stockholm Environment Institute. A compelling argument for supply-side mitigation policies.

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