Chapter 2: The Rationale for International Action on Climate Change

Recommended materials

Cass R. Sunstein, “On the Divergent American Reactions to Terrorism and Climate Change” (2007) 107:2 Columbia Law Review 503

Henry Shue, “Subsistence Emissions and Luxury Emissions” (1993) 15:1 Law & Policy 39

Reto Knutti et al., “A scientific critique of the two-degree climate change target” (2016) 9 Nature Geoscience 13

Supplementary materials

Fergus Green, “Anti-fossil fuel norms” (2018) Climatic Change (forthcoming)

Stephen Gardiner & David A. Weisbach, Debating Climate Ethics (Oxford University Press, 2016)

Latest materials

Fergus Green, “The logic of fossil fuel bans” (2018) Nature Climate Change

"Until recently, national bans on fossil fuel-related activities were a taboo subject, but they are now becoming increasingly common. The logic of appropriateness that underpins such bans is key to understanding their normative appeal, and to explaining and predicting their proliferation."

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In the news

Bill McKibben: Hiroshima, Kyoto, and the Bombs of Climate Change

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Permafrost slowly exhales methane

A report on recent research about a dangerous positive feedback mechanism. "Permafrost soils store vast quantities of organic matter that are vulnerable to decomposition under a warming climate. Recent research finds that methane release from thawing permafrost may outpace carbon dioxide as a major contributor to global warming over the next century."

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US Energy Secretary Perry calls shift away from fossil fuels ‘immoral’

Climate change mitigation comes with social costs, especially in developing countries. This is why the United States should do more, not less, than other countries.

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