Chapter 7: International Action on Climate Change Mitigation

Recommended materials

Lavanya Rajamani, “The 2015 Paris Agreement: Interplay Between Hard, Soft and Non-Obligations” (2016) 28:2 Journal Environmental Law 337

M.J. Mace, “Mitigation Commitments under the Paris Agreement and the Way Forward” (2016) 6:1-2 Climate Law 21

Michael Oppenheimer & Annie Petsonk, “Article 2 of the UNFCCC: Historical Origins, Recent Interpretations” (2005) 73:3 Climatic Change 195

Supplementary materials

G20 Leaders Statement: The Pittsburgh Summit (24-25 September 2009)

Marjan Peeters & Thomas Schomerus, “Modifying Our Society with Law: The Case of EU Renewable Energy Law” (2014) 4:1-2 Climate Law 131

Latest materials

G Iacobuta, “National climate change mitigation legislation, strategy and targets: a global update”

Climate Policy (forthcoming) “Global climate change governance has changed substantially in the last decade, with a shift in focus from negotiating globally agreed greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets to nationally determined contributions, as enshrined in the 2015 Paris Agreement. This paper analyses trends in adoption of national climate legislation and strategies, GHG targets, and renewable …

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F. Johnsson, J. Kjarstad & J. Rootzen, The threat to climate change mitigation posed by the abundance of fossil fuels | Open Access

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In the news

“Scottish tidal power station breaks world record for electricity generation”

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Committed power plants

“Alexander Pfeiffer at the Oxford Martin School, UK, and co-authors analyse the historic development of emission commitments from power plants to estimate the emissions committed for current and planned plants.”

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Shipping faces demands to cut CO2

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